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While some professional consultants stumble upon their careers by chance before narrowing their focus to study a unique set of skills, Michael Lihon knew in his first year business school that he wanted to be a business consultant. Even when he was in high school, he had felt compelled to understand the reasons behind business decisions, and he told himself, even then, that he would someday be helping his friends and his family to succeed with entrepreneurial endeavors and to achieve financial success. Michael’s conviction about his future would prove true: the advice he provided for business models would become part of a list for successful entrepreneurs to follow.

Michael Lihon is not a typical business consultant. He is a profit rejuvenator, an organizational and individual branding specialist, and a customer-oriented professional, who just happens to be a business consultant. While he was attending school, he was also working full-time in a pharmaceutical production factory. Grit and determination drove Michael to continue his college education, and to add a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Biotechnology, from Worcester State University, Worcester MA, to previous formal education he had undertaken at Santa Maria University, Caracas, Venezuela.

Prompted by his success in production operations, Michael left the pharmaceutical industry to join the biotechnology industry, where he continued to expand and fine-tune the supervisory and advisory style he had already acquired. Indeed, Michael began his career on a path that is rare among business managers. He continued his education, earning a master’s degree in critical and creative thinking, from the University of Massachusetts, Boston, and also an MBA in technology, from Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester MA. Michael’s goal was to complement his natural technical savvy in biologics with a strong foundation in business and science. He felt that the best way to do this was to join one of the big biotechnology companies. Consequently, in 2006, he accepted a position in which he gained extensive experience in biologics R&D and production operations where he earned promotions to higher positions, while at the same time mentoring employees and helping them with motivation to work.

In 2010, Michael founded Boston Profit Business Consulting, a non-profit organization that aimed to help organizations and individuals accomplish remarkable achievements and financial growth, and positioned himself to equip these organizations and individuals with a mix of strategy, analytics, and technology, in order to unlock potential through critical and creative branding. For Michael, creative thinking, strong business abilities, the brand, and the customer experience are intertwined drivers of revenue and profit.

Michael has worked with companies such as Andersen Consulting, AstraZeneca, Abbott Laboratories, and Novartis. His formal education and experience in science and in business consulting have influenced Michael’s awareness of habits of the mind to bring in excellence, and he has said that, “executed intended improvements in business operations can yield better results when training for change is implemented through phases of learning, and with strategies for thinking dispositions. And this will result in an organization’s ability to adapt quickly to changes that are necessary for remaining competitive in global markets.”

With over 15 years of experience in driving client satisfaction, Michael Lihon supports the corporate brand initiative by seeking and establishing operational solutions and processes that prevent reoccurring support costs from draining companies’ profits. He strengthens the organizational infrastructure by implementing key strategic business initiatives, critical and creative branding, and continuous improvements in change management to ensure business continuity.

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